College of Engineering & Technology

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Department of Mechanical Engineering
Vision & Mission


To excel in providing quality education and training through Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs and carryout quality Research in the field of Mechanical Engineering.



To provide a good learning experience through appropriate design of curriculum and syllabi that facilitate students to gain thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts and applications in Mechanical Engineering


To equip students to solve challenging problems in Mechanical Engineering and related areas taking in to account their impact on the society


To facilitate students to develop good communication, leadership and managerial skills through team approach in conducting experiments and projects


To pursue academic and collaborative research activities with industry and other research institutions ensuring high quality in publications and other research outputs Industries and Research Organizations.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


To prepare students for successful careers in Indian and multinational industries/companies   engaged in thermal systems, manufacturing processes, machine design and the related fields.

To prepare students to be able to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects involving professional ethics and codes of professional practice.

To develop the ability among students to understand and synthesize data/information and technical concepts for application to product/system/process design.


To develop the ability among the students for taking research/teaching assignments.


Program Outcomes:

The Programmed Outcomes (POs) of the B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) programmed are listed below: Engineering Graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate basic knowledge of mathematics, sciences and mechanical engineering and essential computational techniques/procedures that aid in problem solving and be in a position to face competitive examinations.
  2. Identify, critically analyze, formulate and solve mechanical engineering problems.
  3. Design a system, a component or a process in the domain of mechanical engineering, prepare a model, conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data.
  4. Visualize and work in engineering and science laboratories on multidisciplinary tasks as teams, conduct investigations and solve complex problems.
  5. Use modern engineering tools, equipment, processes and state-of-the-art software packages on modeling and analysis for solving problems.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of engineering solutions on society to ensure that no ill effects befall; and also be aware of contemporary issues.
  7. Understand the impact of engineering solutions on the environment to mitigate any ill effects and ensure sustainability of solutions arrived at.
  8. Possess knowledge, understanding and application of professional and ethical responsibilities and human values in all professional transactions.
  9. Utilize ability to work as individuals as well as team members on engineering problems and be able to understand group dynamics and play their role appropriately in the group and develop entrepreneurial skills.
  10. Communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.
  11. Administer and execute projects with emphases on time management, financial management and personnel management.
  12. Develop a penchant for self-education, inclination for updating with developments, participate in professional societies, interact with stalwarts in the field and continue life-long learning.