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Master of Business Administration

Vision & Mission


To provide quality education to the students and encourage the students in research activities, thus enabling transformation of students into leaders and builders of enterprises who create value for their stakeholders and society at large.



To develop a conductive environment employing modern pedagogy to continuously improve the learning process of the students of business management.


To make the students capable of bridging the gap between the theory of management and the real-life practical business experiences.


To involve students and faculty in innovative research work related to Industry and Academics.


To encourage self-employment through entrepreneurship.


To produce Managers and Entrepreneurs who will be socially and environmentally sensitive professionals.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):


Students will be acquiring strong foundation and in-dept knowledge with respect to the basic concepts and practices related to the core management subjects and the streams of business management like Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Entrepreneurship and contemporary issues so as to develop the ability to analyse the problems and find optimal solutions of the problems in business context.


To encourage the students to acquire leadership skills, develop entrepreneurial mindset and be proficient with good communication skills so as to develop and improve personal career.


Students will be applying skills and competencies to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge of management and the real-life practical business experiences using modern pedagogy like case study methodology, summer internship and practical field projects.


The Programme Outcomes (POs) of MBA programme are listed below: Management Graduates will be able to:

PO1: Knowledge: Acquiring in-dept knowledge with respect to the basic concepts and practices related to the  core  management  subjects  and  the  streams  of  business management  like  Marketing,  Human Resources,  Finance  and  Entrepreneurship.


PO2: Contemporary issues:  Learning and understanding the latest developments  in  management  field  related  to  contemporary  issues  through  extensive  review  of  literature  and  research work .

PO3: SWOT Analysis:  To learn scanning of regional, national, and global business environment and identify opportunities   and threats through situational analysis and be  competent  enough   to  apply the managerial  skills and practices in this context.

PO4: Resources Allocation: Learningthe utilization of the scarce resources judiciously and using requisite skills so as to adapt  in  a fast  changing  business  environment.

PO5:Career Development: Acquire leadership skills, developing entrepreneurial mindset and  be proficient  with  good communication  skills  so  as  to  develop  and  improve  personal  career.

PO6:Ethics: Learn Professional Ethics  and  Values  which  remain  dominant  in  the process of corporate,  social  and  personal   goal  setting.

PO7:Research Aptitude:  Develop  a  Research  Aptitude  and  learn hands-on  practical  experience  with  respect  to  critical  business  problems  and  challenges  using  Data Analysis  Techniques,  Case  Studies,  Summer  Internship,  and Major  Project Works,  ultimately  learning  to  solve  business  problems  in  real life  situations.

PO8: Employability skills: Learn soft skills so as to enhance employability skills and be job ready.


The Department of MBA delivers the following program specific outcomes:

PSO 1: To develop a professional attitude towards comprehending, analyzing and solving critical business problems and trying to establish benchmarks in the related domains.

PSO 2: Acquiring entrepreneurial skills for fulfilling the economic and societal requirements of the nation.

PSO  3: To develop an attitude of research in the field of management.